Having a Safe Christmas with Your Pets

Posted by on Mar.18, 2012, under Dog Christmas Stockings

By Fabian Marquez

christmas dog stockings Having a Safe Christmas with Your Pets

Christmas is a very special time of the year that is filled with presents and bonding around good food and time with family. Some of the most important parts of your family are your pets and you need to make sure that they have a healthy and happy holiday. This means a bit more than buying Christmas stockings for pets and stuffing them full of treats.

If you like to give gifts of food, you need to remember that dogs have an amazing sense of smell that some wrapping paper is not going to cover up. Dogs also love to tear things open and they will make their way to the tasty treats inside.

I remember one Christmas where my parents bought me a big box of dark chocolate covered espresso beans, which my dog promptly ate. She was fine, but we should have kept them off the floor. Any food based presents should be entirely out of reach until it is time to actually give them to your family and friends.

Christmas led lights are another consideration. Make sure to keep any wires and cords taped down to the floor or to the wall to make sure that your pets don’t decide to chomp down and possibly hurt themselves. Any lights that you use in the house should be LED lights so that they don’t get too hot and burn your pets if they brush past them. One of the other great things about skipping traditional bulbs and going right for LED lights is that they don’t include glass in their construction. Even if one of the bulbs breaks, you don’t need to worry about glass cutting up the paws of your precious pets.

These are really the most important tips that I can give you for keeping your pets healthy and happy in the next holiday season and all of those to follow.

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